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SECMOL - Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh
Youth Activities

Youth Camps at SECMOL Campus, Phey

SECMOL runs camps for young people of Ladakh to learn things and ideas they don't get in conventional schools.

Film 35 min. made by SECMOL Media several years ago about our Youth Camps

Volley ball match

basic English
conversation with volunteers
Ladakhi history and geography
solar energy, health, or nature
Ladakhi language and literacy
painting and educational games

A daily morning talk is about education problems in Ladakh, current issues, and self development.

Activities include:

song and dance
Ladakhi and English videos
quiz contest
volleyball, cricket, football, or games taught by volunteers

Campers and volunteers work for 1 hour daily. This keeps us physically fit and ready for Ladakhi village life, and keeps camp expenses low for the Ladakhi participants. They pay only basic food costs so that even those from the remotest villages can afford to come. Ladakhi campers pay no fee for teaching, rooms and other facilities at SECMOL summer camps. Meditatioin

The day starts with physical exercise, meditation / introspection, and then an inspirational morning talk.

Field Work

Campers do one hour of daily work around the campus.

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